Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Hobbit (Book) ~ Review ~ The amazing journey of Bilbo Baggins

by: Uel Ceballos

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For sure, The Hobbit will give the readers another mesmerizing experience of the world beyond ours – the world of Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Goblins, and Wargs. Not to mention the dragon, eagle and skin changers. The Hobbit has so much to offer to its readers, adult and children alike, which will bring them to the world of uncertainty, adventure and treasure.

I’m amazed as ever to J.R.R Tolkien’s incomparable imaginations to create such story with so many mystifying elements involved. The book is categorized under Children’s Fantasy novel but it feeds as well the thirsty mind’s eye of the grown ups. I have loved Tolkien’s The Lord of The Ring and I can’t find any reason at all not to love The Hobbit. The Lord of The Ring is narrated in a very serious tone, really meant for adults’ understanding and I read it just when I was only 14 years old. It’s just funny that I came to read the prequel The Hobbit, (which was meant for children’s enjoyment), at the age now of 27. It should have been the other way around but nonetheless I enjoyed both novels regardless of how old was I when I read them.

I got to enjoy reading The Hobbit with Bilbo Baggin’s amusing character – this we never witnessed in The Lord of The Ring wherein he's already old and the focus of the story is on Frodo Baggins. I never really thought that Bilbo had lived his youth with such humor, high spirit and cleverness as he is described by Tolkien in the book. I was indeed very much delighted to read about his unexpected journey.

The main theme and issue are quite deep for youngsters’ mind to grasp but along with it are the things that simple to be understood and certainly the most significant moral lessons that should be learned by everyone, youngsters and grown-ups alike.

The Hobbit gives a full account of Bilbo’s journey, together with a group of dwarves led by Thorin. Gandalf was with them along the travel. Though there were times that Gandalf needed to be apart from them, he was coming back in time just when he was needed (as always). Indeed, Bagginses were fated to a perilous journey as with Bilbo’s expedition to the Lonely Mountain, that was followed by Frodo’s travel to Mordor in The Lord of the Ring.

The stories of wars and escapes in the story are as detailed and exciting as the very-Tolkien way. It gave me thrill to follow the group on their death-defying journey just to restore those treasures that dragon Smaug has stolen from Thorin’s people. If you’re wondering what Bilbo was doing on that journey where in fact he got no business with the dwarves’ matter, well that was another amusing thing – Gandalf has set him up, building him up to the dwarves as a burglar. The dwarves then hired the “burglar” Bilbo Baggins and that started Bilbo’s unforgettable adventure.

After reading this book, I felt like craving for more of J.R.R Tolkien’s narratives that I miss reading The Lord of The Ring. A delightful and adventure-filled novel, both adult and children will surely love this fantasy novel.