Monday, November 25, 2013

Heaven is for REAL: Book Review ~ by Benj Ramos

Would you believe a child if he tells you that he saw Jesus, God, John the Baptist and Gabriel from his 3-minute trip to heaven? Surely you think he got it from his Sunday school lessons, but guess what? He was 4 years old who couldn’t even read or write at the time. Would you still buy it?

Nope, Colton Burpo didn't dream about it, well at least according to his father Todd Burpo who wrote the book. Though some might be doubtful Colton experienced it. Two reasons why the book looks believable -- 1. Kids dont lie, 2. There is no better testimony coming from a near-death-experience.

Heaven Is For Real is a testimony that heaven is indeed for real. As a Christian, i believe that God can use whoever, whenever and wherever to become a living witness of His power. However, do not expect a crossing to the sea or God talking from a burning bush in this book.

Colton has no idea what heaven looks like. It was described in a child perspective primarily focused on colors and visuals. You know how sometimes we wake up from a dream and suddenly we can't remember a thing. But after sometime we remember when the situation calls for it, and it comes out details after details. Dejavu.

I have dreamt of heaven and hell but the setting is purely from the stereotypical everything-is-white and everybody-has-wings-and-halo. Influence of media. However, reading Heaven is For Real and imagining what Colton Burpo says makes you say, 'that i haven’t seen before'.

The first part of the story is quite dragging. A normal family day visiting a zoo while taking pictures with the animals. Suddenly little Burpo felt an unusual stomach ache. Then he vomited and was brought to the hospital. Then came his journey to heaven.

As the chapters unfold, it gets.exciting. Each chapter offers something new. Revelations after revelations. It's like discovering heaven little by little. 

Non-believers can treat the book as a good story to read. Some of us enjoy vampire and wizard stories but it doesn’t mean that we believe it. Look at it as if you are listening to a kid's experience in Disneyland. It won’t hurt you. Hoax or not, my fear is that this might lead people to believe in heaven and God instead of getting that motivation by reading the Bible. 

The motion picture for it is in 2014. Let’s see how it fairs.

I give 9 cups of latte. The book is a journey. Enjoy and listen.