Thursday, November 7, 2013

GREASE, an all time musical favorite ~ by: Uel Ceballos

John Travolta was such a magnetic sweetheart here who was clad in a 1950’s leather hood, projecting the bad boy image together with his T-birds gang. The film was based on a musical play of the same name about high school lovers and their fun youth adventures in Rydell High. 

The stage play and the movie that
portrayed the 50’s setting were both released in the 70’s era, thus the effect of the story was already an amusing look-back to the times of decades that passed. Even back then (on the time of release), the movie already has the exuberant factors to entertain the audiences with its good-humored reversions of the past era. 

The music and choreography were really fascinating that small wonder its soundtrack album had become a best-selling album then. And until now, people do still remember and appreciate the music whenever they hear it especially those that really made a big sensation to the public such as “Hopelessly Devoted”, “You’re all that I want” and the “Summer Nights” which all serve us a timeless feel-good sentiment. I, myself admit that I’m becoming hopeless romantic like a 17 year old whenever I am hearing any of these songs. Grease was such a hip romantic-comedy musical that it would revive the young hope, love and admiration in you.

Though the movie was set in the era of my grandfather, I can’t help but be willfully immersed to their world and conceive the thought of how wonderful would it have been to live and be born on their times. Well, I love my own generation but there’s really something on the past decades that I’m really fond of – maybe for the reason that their atmosphere and cultures breathed the air of simplicity, amiable oddity, and the budding transformation from the all-too conservative customs to the already-starting to liberate society. And also, I’m just so really fond of their style of fashion, music and dances -- a combination of simplicity and variation that have become influential, likeable, and an intangible part of the fad cycle.

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John made a perfect chemistry together. The ever-energetic, suave moving John Travolta fitted suitably to the role of a bad buy while Olivia justified the role of a young and conservative high school girl. And the transformation she
showed at the latter part of the movie was really awesome and marvelous -- that part where they sung the “You’re all the I want” where they both (John and Olivia) did a splendid show together with the rest of their gangs.

Another thing that I really loved about this movie was the natural humor. They were all so effortlessly effective in throwing the lines, giving away the reaction, and tickling the audiences to send them bursting into laughter and delight. I’m pretty sure that even if you’d long left the high school, you would still be pleased by this comical yet romantic musical film. This is a good movie to watch along with your friends for an idea of happy bonding.

One great way of enjoying life to fullest is to squat on the living room’s floor with coffee and some sweets on the table, with the lights off and with Grease movie playing on your screen. I would give up my addiction to coffee if you didn’t find yourself swaying your head and laughing your heart out on this fantastic movie.

For this wonderful feel-good movie that is included in my list of best favorite musical films, I will rate it with 8 Espresso Shots! Happy viewing fellas!