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TOP 10 PINOY FILMS OF 2013 THAT I HAVE SEEN ~ by: Benj Ramos

Bale hindi talaga ako pro sa pagsulat ng film review kase ang alam ko lang ay manood at kumaen ng nachos sa loob ng sinehan at saka magtiis ng ihi hanggat di natatapos. Pero since 50 pinoy films ang napanood ko nung 2013, hayaan nyo kong magbigay ng opinyon ko about my Top 10 Best Pinoy Films That I Have Seen. Masusi kong ni-rank ito sa tulong ng SGV & Co, Punong Bayan at Pamet.

10. BLUE BUSTAMANTE by Miko Livelo

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Wag nyo ko kasuhan ng livelo, number 10 talaga to. Salamat sa mala- bioman na ideya ni Miko.

It's about George Bustamante (Joem Bascon) who struggles to find a job in Japan. Gusto sana niya engineer pero di siya pinapalad. Thanks to his partner-in-crime portrayed by Jun Sabayton he lands into a job he never imagined doing -- a TV actor.

He keeps this job a secret to his family fearing that it might disappoint his wife Juniper (Dimples Romana) and his son Kiko.

Challenge sa masculinity ni George ang umarte sa isang kiddie show. Pero wapakels nakamaskara naman siya hindi siya marerecognize. This film is more than a sentai film (setai ha hindi hentai, magkaiba yun), it's a movie for OFW in a lighter approach. Nostalgic ang aura especially sa audience na naabutan ang ganitong klaseng palabas. Papasilipin ka sa off screen production.

9. TUHOG by Veronica Velasco

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Perstaym ko marinig ang title kala ko bastos ang plot. Medyo sexually suggesting kase eh, Tuhog. Ano pa ba pwedeng pelikula pag ganyan ang pamagat? Uhog pwede pa.

It's a movie of 3 stories tuhog into one. Tonio (Leo Martinez) fears aging. He feels least important as he grows old. Fiesta (Eugene Domingo), a grumpy bus condutor who dwells in fear and hatred has found a new hope when she meets Nato (Jake Cuenca) and proves her that there's more to life. Caloy (Enchong Dee) and his LDR partner Angel (Empress) are virgins who are excited to meet and to have sex for the first time.

Tonio's story is my favorite. Hindi porket matanda na e hindi na pwede tuparin ang mga pangarap. Yung kay Fiesta naman medyo mahaba ang exposure ng story nya. Yung kay Caloy parang it lives up to the title, 'Tuhog'. Medyo SPG.

The characters aren't related unlike sa Jologs. Tinuhog lang talaga sila. The film depicts the 3 stages of life: Coming of age, being in love and getting old.

8. ALAGWA by Ian Loreños

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Robert (Jericho Rosales) is a single dad who works pasideline-sideline in the Chinese community. He lives with his son, Brian (Bugoy Cariño). It's a natural father-son relationship though minsan napagbubuntungan ni Robert ang anak sa mga pagsubok na pinagdadaanan niya. Until one day, his son gets kidnapped and as the desperate father searches unveils the hidden modus of selling kids in Hong Kong to make them beggars.

I haven't seen Loreños' The Leaving so this is the first film he introduced himself to me. And yeah, i want more.

This film about child trafficking gives Jericho a stellar performance. It somehow reminds of Slumdog Millionaire, that child selling thing. And please, don't blink at the ending. Napamura ako.

7. TRANSIT by Hannah Espia

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A Filipino family in Tel Aviv with expired visa is in hiding after the Israel Government passed a new law deporting kids of migrants. Janet (Irma Adlawan) and his brother Moises (Ping Medina) hide their children from the police authority.

What sets it apart from that tuhog-tuhog interconnected storylines is that Transit gives you the perspective of each character. Hindi ka mauumay sa paulit-ulit na eksena because it gives the audience something new which is not shown in the previous scene.

Kudos to the characters because they speak Hebrew like a pro. And that scene where Joshua (Marc Justine Alvarez) recites the Torah is pretty impressive. Indeed, deserving to represent our country in the Oscars for Best Foreign Language film. Kaya lang it didnt get the nomination.


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Tatlong magkakaibigan na sa sobrang kaadikan sa gimik at sugal at napasok sa isang illegal sports betting collection. Blinded with their big earnings, they don't see the consequences await them.

Superb acting from the 3 mainstream actors, Rayver Cruz, Joseph Marco and Mateo Guidicelli especially to Mateo.

I was not aware na may nageexist na ganitong illegal activity until this film. So pati UAAP at kung anu ano pang labanan na pwedeng pagpustahan ay nahahanapan ng pagkakakitaan. Sa mga nasisilaw sa easy money, watch this.

Ian Loreños is also the director of Alagwa which is also part of this list. I had a chance to ask him if he's more into a crime-thriller director but he said he's open for different genres. Sir suggestion ko, stick to what you do best

5. DANCE OF THE STEEL BARS by Cesar Apolinario

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This is a film inspired from the dancing inmates of Cebu. Frank (Patrick Bergin) is a philanthropist accused of murder. Mando (Dingdong Dantes) who has a passion for dancing is a convicted murderer. Allona (Joey Paras) is a transexual who helps Mando in fulfilling his dream.

Two "steel" movies premiered in the same date. Alam kong dadagsain si pareng Superman kaya inuna ko yung kay Dingdong. At tama nga, wala pa kameng bente sa loob ng sinehan. Walang regret.

Dingdong is a versatile actor. I've seen his other film, Tiktik and that one with Bea Alonzo. And he can dance pala ha. Found out that he was a former member of a dance group.

This semi fiction semi documentary-ish film will tell you that not all prisoners are guilty; and not all guilty and convicted are natural evil.

4. EKSTRA by Jeffrey Jeturian

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Loida (Vilma Santos) works as a telenovela extra to support her daughter from studies. All she wanted is to be the best extra she can be. She believes in giving your 100% in everything that you do, whether for a small or big role. But how will she handle the pressure of being the primera extra given that chance to have scenes with the biggest stars?

The film gives you the off screen production of teleserye. This time, bidas are not bida. Extras are. Vilma takes home the Best Actress in an Extra Role if there is such thing. That audition scene? EPIC.

3. BABAGWA by Jason Paul Laxamana

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May gwapong lalaki sa facebook. Biglang icha-chat ka. Kukunin number mo. Kikilitian ka sa kanyang bedroom voice. Tapos hihingian ka ng pera. That's the modus of Greg (Alex Medina) with the help of the mastermind, Marney (Joey Paras). Pero paano kung mainlove siya sa bibiktimahin nya sanang si Daisy (Alma Concepcion)? Ipaglalaban ba ni Greg ang sinisigaw ng puso o ang sinisigaw ng kanyang sikmura?

Bakit ito nasa number 3? Kase ito ang the best Cinemalaya entry na napanood ko this year. It is as if you are watching a real thing caught on tape. Very timely lalo't nauuso ang mga posers at manggagancho sa social media. Morever, it allows you to use your senses. Lilituhin ka sa iyong nakikita, naririnig, nararamdaman at naiimagine.


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Siblings decide to sell and divide their properties now that both of their parents died. But the hardest decision is what to do with their aged nanny, Yaya Teresa (Rustica Carpio) who has served in their family for 60 years.

Jose Javier Reyes should stop his chismoso career on TV and start writing and directing films like this. Sa kabilang banda, Rustica Carpio once again has showcased her believable acting skill.

Makinig ka sa usapan ng magkakapatid. Yung feeling na isa ka sa kanila at hinuhusgahan mo kung sino ang tama at may katwiran. Sino ka sa kanila? Bawat karater ay may point.

With this all star casts and outstanding screenplay and cinematography, it easily paves its way to the top of my favorite Sineng Pambansa entry for this year.

1. ON THE JOB by Erik Matti

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This is a crime thriller film about two inmates na nakakalabas pasok sa selda at kumikita para pumatay whoever they are ordered to kill. Tatang (Joel Torre) is a pro in doing so. Eventually he'll pass it on to his curious and determined apprentice, Daniel (Gerald Anderson). However, Francis (Piolo Pascual) makes sure it's not going to be easy for them

This is the best Pinoy action film i've seen, bar none. Hence, also the number one for my year end list. Malungkot, masaklap, madilim at masalimuot. It gave me a heart attack in every scene. Cinematography is outsanding. Clear ang mensahe. And, JOEY MARQUEZ.